Fast traffic from twitter and facebook

In the past I’ve described about Social network sites that bring traffic, here comes some more tips and tricks by playing on social media sites. I was looked more ways to promote my blog, but nothing happened anything with old methods. So many new bloggers comes with good content, but when it won’t make any money from the traffic that comes for them and then try to stop working on it. I’ve been blogging for sometime in the past, whatever never written 25 articles in a month, this is my bad exposure on this blog. Don’t loss hopes until you get some good traffic. Social network traffic is just as viral traffic, but if the traffic comes from niche groups, then there shall be some $$$ in your account. [Read more…]

How I increased my social presense by 400%

There are several ways to increase social media optimization for free and this is my top method for promoting websites on social media sites. Justretweet is the best free website that brings huge tweets, likes, and G plus exchanges within a short period.



Justretweet not only brings all these things, but these are genuine likes and tweets forever. I tried with other exchanging websites too, and from those sites what i seen is most of them are fake ones as the stats were getting dropped lately. No one can get cheated here at justretweet system because the owner of this justretweet is a good person and always keep the site in a positive method. [Read more…]

WordPress v/s Drupal CMS for blogging

I am describing from the past about blogging and traffic sources.

Today I am explaining¬† about my interest in Drupal CMS for blogging. I still love to use Drupal for blogging or whatever, but can’t find better themes on blog. It is hard to customize and making into blogging platform. There are modules that can build just like WordPress platform, but still look different compare to wordPress blogs.

A Drupal Blog that I am using from the past few years on my Drip Irrigation blog and still gets decent traffic, but I am unable to place the adverts correctly where I wish.¬† Some of the catchy things are they don’t have an autosave option and lost several times of my articles when writing. Drupal needs to save manually that take seconds, but autosave is the best option for not to loss the data. [Read more…]

Top 10 Social Media sites for Bloggers

Social network sites are the best way to promote our blogs and sites. Some of my favorite social networks sites are listed below according to the ratings of mine. I’ve used in the past from 6 years and my best one was Digg and second was propeller. Both of them are closed down without reasons. I like voting type sites, but none of them are top one.

In these days Social bookmarking sites are also built as social networking sites therefore I will list them here too since they can boost the traffic to blogs. [Read more…]

Fastest way drive traffic to blog

I’ve been running several sites, but this is my personal blog that has gone dead from the last 8 months because of not updating at least once in a month. This month just wrote an article and seen a huge traffic coming to my blog again. My hopes are raised and still want to become a great blogger.

Most of people drives viral traffic within a short period to show their decrement of Alexa rank. At this stage we need to promote our site on other sites. Let see here are some tricks that sent some traffic to my blog. [Read more…]