Fast traffic from twitter and facebook

In the past I’ve described about Social network sites that bring traffic, here comes some more tips and tricks by playing on social media sites. I was looked more ways to promote my blog, but nothing happened anything with old methods. So many new bloggers comes with good content, but when it won’t make any money from the traffic that comes for them and then try to stop working on it. I’ve been blogging for sometime in the past, whatever never written 25 articles in a month, this is my bad exposure on this blog. Don’t loss hopes until you get some good traffic. Social network traffic is just as viral traffic, but if the traffic comes from niche groups, then there shall be some $$$ in your account.



The best method is to promote on Facebook that brings huge traffic from active visitors. In the past I made a page and got few hundred likes and this nothing brought to me also tried to see insights on Facebook and you will discover some views to those posts, anyway we need traffic to our own blog else we won’t make money.
For this blog, I’ve joined nearly 30 groups of technology and blogging on Facebook, few of them approved me on same day and the rest approved as whenever they were active in them. Some group owners moderate first post or every post so that members should not spam in the group,

so you always follow rules without getting hesitate from this group owners. Join groups where members are active in them, Post a new blog post that you write every day, so that these people should come to your site, make sure you always use sharp image that attract to those group members as well titles too, also try to build a group by yourself so that you can always advertise your site on top page, this way everyone will click your site at sometime.
Try to make friendship with related bloggers in that group and ask to comment on your blog or else exchange with them daily comments this will improve your blog audience and Google too rank higher in Serp position. This is just my idea, but if you get genuine comments, then it would be smarter for you.

Twitter :

Twitter is the second social networking site for me that brings traffic and it also drives repeated traffic through tweets. Creating a unique account on the niche of your blog that will be most important thing.

An example, if you own a travel blog, then an account on the name of travel by this way you will get more travel followers and your tweets as well get clicked by them. Make sure you should put the blog link in the biography of your profile. I had recently done and got 90% followers and traffic from those travel followers too. Tweet every day something from your blog so that you will get even more followers as a tweeter. If you use the system nicely, then you will learn numerous things in the future, traffic is not hard in these days for me from social networking sites.

There are more social networking sites, but I am not interested in them since these two are my favorite to get traffic within 24 hours from my posts.

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