My Achievements From The Last Month

I wasn’t enthusiastic about writing a blog, currently for the cash have to modify lifestyle, by intriguing with other blog writers learn’t so  many instruction from them, how to enhance blog.

It is not difficult to become pro blogger unless we have some information to do, my blog has been over 5 years with only few content because of having personal issues.

Webmastertool Queries

Webmastertools Queries

The blog shows some improvement except the hosting performance that giving more trouble. Indian hosting companies are worse except the one I believe was Hostgator.

What I achieved means A steady growth in traffic and followers on social media sites.

Twitter is my favorite social media site and easy to drive traffic than Facebook. The world loves Facebook, but I love twitter. In the beginning at twitter it is hard to get 2000 followers, but from 2000 I am seeing nice results to gain more followers and traffic too. I’ve had 1000 followers in the last 10 days that is a development of  everyday improve in 100.

If I had 10k followers, then it is easily to get more followers daily as the restriction will increases to 1000. The way twitter is best to use without getting revocation of our accounts and their support is too good to use.

Presently I attained 3000 followers, so every day I can follow 300 people to maximize my follower rate.


This is another way to promote our blog if we have images in our blog. In a day getting more than 10 followers, but the site still getting problems to login. I haven’t seen any traffic and the follower rate has been increased within a short time. I heard a rumors of people telling that the traffic is excellent from Pinterest.



Google plus:

Using Google plus it is easily indexing blog, ranking higher positions in Google, also the traffic had increased steadily from Google plus.  Looking to increase more followers for ranking better place.

Google Authorship is the requirement, as all other bloggers got their authorship from Google. I am so late in this and just and trying to get the ball rock.

Google plus page shows some of exciting facts to rank better place in Google Search Engine. Only some people have added me in their circles, but still wants to increase in order to build strong profile.

Facebook Page

Facebook is too good to  promote fan pages, but I hate it and even deleted my account, anyway started a Fan Page recently and it has 75 likes presently, that’s a way my readers who liked it.


My blog has now Page rank with domain authority of 20, because of not working from the past, but from here I will push it to the higher level along with my other sites. Blogging makes lost mood in the beginning, but it makes fun when it grows.

Alexa Rank

My Alexa is very high rank, that still needs heavy work to move on, but joining blogging communities can cause to low without even frustration. Hope these are some of my achievements from the past of blogging.

At the end forgot to mention, the yahoo answers looking to make good profile and it was somewhere the level 2. Yahoo Answers is an easy way to drive huge traffic to blogs and it even sends repeatedly.


  1. Congratulations on your achievement. I’ve also heard people telling that you can get great amount of traffic from Pinterest. That’s why, I’m planning to launch a new site soon to see the result.

  2. emmanuel ekainu says:

    congrat bro. thats while everybody has the key to his or her own sucess. keep up your work.

  3. Hi, Rudd.
    Thanks for your kind words, I am still doing a much better than previous days, anyway I am looking forward to your site soon.

  4. hi Emmanuel
    Thanks so much, I planned some cool things in future, and still moving forward. We all need to get great name in the world.

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Suresh,

    All these all steps in the right directions. I will of course edge you to continue with the good works you’re doing.

  6. Yep, Still looking to meet more bloggers, and engaging with them. Hope you will be revisiting to my blog.

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