Windows XP Installation is very slow

Windows XP is one of the best software for older systems as this cover everything that we need in newer systems. We see in most offices or shops will using windows XP because it gives fast performance than windows 10 on such systems.

Here comes an interesting thing that during windows XP installation sometimes it freezes or installs very slowly that can take more than 10 hurs. I got this problem when mixed with Sata hard drive and I believe the Bios got corrupted.

The best solution is to check in the Bios and restore it to factory default settings as this will get back into the newest working method. If the factory resetting didn’t worked, then my suggestion is to install slowly that might take nearly 12 ours, but this will install on your PC.

I have checked with newest hard-drive but this didn’t solved anything and the Ram resetting also.nothing happened.

Reading on several forums and blogs as they mentioned Motherboard or CPU might be the problem, but not for my Desktop. The problem was with Bios and the company has discontinued for updating their system since these Chinese companies always halt in the middle of their business.

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