How to Find my Device using IMEI?

In these days it is hard to find a lost phone even though we have IMEI number. The reason is scammers delete that number and they create a new one for that phone. I am suggesting some ways to track your phone when it was lost.

The best application is Find my device that is offered by Google and it really shows the last activity of phone. One can be able to view location too if it was connected to internet at the same time. I have tried all these application and many more, but none helped me in recovering my lost phone.

track imei number
track imei number

I came to know the ip (Internet Protocol number of last active from my Gmail login data and this was showing until the phone formatted. If you don’t know this, just look under Gmail account settings and see privacy that shows last login IP. date time.

Giving a complaint to the police is a waste of time and also money for raising complaint on lost mobile as they track only IMEI number. Police won’t track the last login IP numbers so this is the main reason to leave the looted mobile.

If these thieves are using without formatting IMEI number, then police will help us, but I am sure they trash our IMEI and start to use with another.

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