Install Windows XP From USB using Winsetupfromusb

Installing XP from USB drive using WinsetupfromUSB

In the past I described the installation of Windows XP from USB using Wintoflash program, however the software isn’t working all the time with most of the users. Here I am suggesting this alternative program to set up windows.
This is an automated system to set up Windows XP using USB unlike in Bart PE we need to add files manually. The latest windows 7 and 8 are able to install using USB by copying files directly on USB, but not older versions like Windows XP.

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There are more alternative methods to install Windows XP using latest computer technology program. I would suggest Winsetup from USB as it is more easiest program without headache problems. Try following steps for installing XP from USB into your computer.

  1. Download WinsetupUSB from here
  2. Extract the software and install on your PC or laptop.
  3. Insert the usb into the drive and it detects automatically.
  4. Once everything is adjusted according to the dialog box click go
  5. After copying the files on USB make sure set the pc to boot from USB for installing windows XPin that pc.
  6. Follow everything as the computer guides in installing XP.


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