3 Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure

Twitter is the best social media site for me and it is showing more good things for my sites also business too. Twitter is quiet place and the users are too active to ask questions, make friendships, etc, but the thing is that we don’t have friends list or groups method. Still likes to promote my business on Twitter by making good friendship with others.

In the past I seen most traffic came from Twitter and some of the posts ranked in Google better than my blog links. I don’t know how it achieved, but that articles are re-tweeted by genuine twitter users. Seeing this it makes me more passion on Social Media to use.

I used some tools to clean up on twitter to gain more followers, but all of these sites are good if you are premium user as we get unlimited use of un-follow and follow others.

3 Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure

I am sure to say is quality members are better than quantity, but making large amount of members are also good on the other hand to gain more and more followers in the future.

Top 3 Twitter tools are listed below that will make more authority of your account.

1. Unfollowers me

Unfollowers me is the site where we could un-follow those who aren’t following back to us. The tool shows a list of un-followers, inactive followers, suspended accounts and much more. You are able to clean your twitter account easily by removing all those un-followers that never interested in with you.

Unfollowers Me

Unfollowers Me

Using this tool  daily I made 4000 followers to my travel twitter account in less than 2 months and it helped me in promoting a lot, gain more travel friends.

For a free membership anyone un-follow 100 users per day as it is limited for two accounts.

2. Ferra Unfollow

This is one of my favorite twitter tool to remove followers, but it allows few users per day, still stands as a great tool for me. This tool shows according to percentage of follow back rate. The list of un-followers are listed according to their follow percentage.

Ferra Unfollow

Ferra Unfollow

3. Tweepi

This is the third tool that I use daily to remove most un-followers and the tool works slowly, but cleans everything. The site had two memberships, one is premium that is good to gain more natural followers. The free ones always having limited because money is required for maintenance and upgrading required.



It is easy to flushing people who are not following back to you, but give time to most twitter users because we all are busy.

Don’t be greedy in using this tools to increase the follower rate, but building a quality followers is recommended.

Top 5 important things that you should not do or don’t do with Twitter account.1. Don’t use sites like just retweet to tweet anything as your followers leave by viewing crap tweets in their news feeds.

2. Make sure your Twitter profile is filled with all details including an avatar and a Backcover.

3. Tweet others users content frequently and it should be related to your niche.

4. Use hash tags to gain more traffic and exposure.

5. Setup Twitter button and recent tweets block on your blog as it can increases followers rate.

Give some time daily on this Twitter as an active member also do re-tweets by mentioning their username, I mean just as conversation.


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    3 Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure

    Top 3 twitter tools make your account authority in less than 3 months. Using Twitter gains more traffic and exposure on the internet.

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