Fast traffic from twitter and facebook

In the past I’ve described about Social network sites that bring traffic, here comes some more tips and tricks by playing on social media sites. I was looked more ways to promote my blog, but nothing happened anything with old methods. So many new bloggers comes with good content, but when it won’t make any money from the traffic that comes for them and then try to stop working on it. I’ve been blogging for sometime in the past, whatever never written 25 articles in a month, this is my bad exposure on this blog. Don’t loss hopes until you get some good traffic. Social network traffic is just as viral traffic, but if the traffic comes from niche groups, then there shall be some $$$ in your account. [Read more…]

10 Tips for Writing on Current Events to Gain Traffic

Have you ever written an article that got you thousands of visitors on a single day?

If you haven’t already – it is time you get started.

Writing on current events, events that are going to happen from 3 to 5 days from now is one of the best ways to gain maximum traffic. Another thing here that we should consider is getting them ranked. So, always better to have a few weeks of preparations for writing your article and making sure they rank well on the given days of the event. [Read more…]