Top 10 Social Media sites for Bloggers

Social network sites are the best way to promote our blogs and sites. Some of my favorite social networks sites are listed below according to the ratings of mine. I’ve used in the past from 6 years and my best one was Digg and second was propeller. Both of them are closed down without reasons. I like voting type sites, but none of them are top one.

In these days Social bookmarking sites are also built as social networking sites therefore I will list them here too since they can boost the traffic to blogs. [Read more…]

fast traffic from twitter

I have joined few months back but i never used twitter for anything and even i didnt used my website where i can place link.I sed to just browse and leave and i never believed that brings a lot of traffic for my website.Few days back i started to build more friends from twitter followers and their followers etc.So i made nearly 800 on the first day in one hour and then i noticed on second in my analytics that showed more than 100 hits.I did on the other day samething and the traffic has been grown a lot which made my blog active.Now i am looking to active with my tweeter friends

Twitter is the best way to promote our website without spam or ban and even get backlink from the profile page.Thanks for a such huge and friends.Now i love twitter to read updates whenever i am free