Top 10 Social Media sites for Bloggers

Social network sites are the best way to promote our blogs and sites. Some of my favorite social networks sites are listed below according to the ratings of mine. I’ve used in the past from 6 years and my best one was Digg and second was propeller. Both of them are closed down without reasons. I like voting type sites, but none of them are top one.

In these days Social bookmarking sites are also built as social networking sites therefore I will list them here too since they can boost the traffic to blogs.

Social Network

Social Network – Source

These are Top 10 Social networking sites where you can promote your blogs sites, etc. This is from James collin who is a friend of mine, but this site offers backlinks for free.

1. Stumble upon

This is not new and old site that delivers traffic instantly to your site pages whenever you stumble on the page of yours. If your site pages get stumbles from your friends or other members then there should be huge traffic to your site. This is just a viral traffic to decrease Alexa, but it does not convert into leads or sales, etc.

2. Pinterest

This is a new site and from last year I was pining images on my blog that should get traffic sometimes and it also sends traffic later too. This is not viral traffic, sometimes traffic convert into leads or sales, but not 90 percent sure.

3. Facebook

I don’t use much Facebook, but it drive a huge traffic and brings targeted traffic from Google searches. If you have targeted fans or friends or else make them, and you loves to make some $$$$ easily. I haven’t tested, but on my agriculture blog it showed some exciting things. Facebook has millions of users, search on niche of your blog and make friends to your friend’s list, also join Groups on Facebook that are relevant to your blog or sites, in this way it makes effortless to drive traffic.

4. Travel News

Travel news too sends only viral traffic that means it won’t convert anything except the Alexa rank decreases. They accept Travel relevant articles only therefore it is called as Travel news social bookmarking site. All of the visitors are from US according to recent visitors to my blog. This is a good site to decrease Alexa rank for travel relevant blogs.

5. Google plus

This is same as Facebook, but you need active followers who should read your posts. For all reasons the links will work as backlinks and rank our sites in front page. Making more friends should be a great idea to increase targeted audience for our blog posts.

6. Blogengage

This is a known person site, but not my friend. The site rarely had active community members, where we visit your blog through the comment luv links. Blogengage drives traffic, but also offers backlinks to blog posts.

7. Bizsugar

Bizsugar is a social bookmarking site long back, but it is now for promoting business products or advertising. Bizsugar  drive some good traffic when your article comes to the front page. It sends nearly 50 to 100 hits if the link comes to main page.

8. Tumblr

This is a good form of building backlinks, but it won’t send traffic to your sites as I observed it on my sites. If you want to rank higher in Search engines, then this is the site to get some backlinks and this way Google too send traffic to your sites.

9. Care2

Some members complained about this care2 social network site that their account got banned, even my account too got banned without no reason. The admin never replies, but this is a good site to promote green product sites. If you want to drive traffic to agriculture or health relevant sites then this is the place for you don’t spam in this network site and they are more strict to kick you out any time.

10. Linkedin

This is good for sharing business relevant topics to get audience view. I had some good results with this Linkedin long back, but now it is more for jobs site where people are looking to get jobs or hire job seekers.


  1. minotechonline says:

    This is a great list. There are some social media methods here I have not even heard about such as numbers 4,6,7, and 9. I will check them out as I have to increase traffic to my site somehow, and I am already using stumbleupon and pinterest on occasion. Thanks for this list!

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