How to Delete Facebook Account

In these days Social networking became more popular and ruining most family members exclusively designed for Girls. Some naive people battle to evade from unknown persons however, they decide to deactivate their account instead of deletion.

My Recommendation is to remove your consideration if you are not enthusiastic about ruining your lifestyle, but the site is just for fun. Numerous kids dependent towards Facebook in India to get ruined their education and life.

Here are Few easy steps to delete your Facebook account.

Use this link directly to delete your account, but Facebook recently changed their terms of services. You cannot delete the messages that sent to your friends as they were stored in their message box.

Click this link to delete your Account permanently, make sure backup your data before doing so.

Delete Facebook Account
Delete Facebook Account

Once you frequented the above weblink simply select the DELETE key, in the next page it requests it requests to enter security, password for removing completely.

Permanently Deletion
Permanently Deletion

Once done sit back and all the work is completed. In the previous days DATA usage POLICY was different and now totally changed. If we delete the account in these days our message still stays in the friends whom we chatted with them.

This is more irritable to use Facebook therefore I my suggestion is you to use in different method. Facebook is worse ever social networking where they don’t have support system and data usage policy is too bad.

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