Meeting Friends Online

Social networking and chat rooms are a boom now a days. Who doesn’t have Facebook? Twitter? Yahoo Messenger and Skype? For sure you have an account on one or two of the said sites.

Social Media

Social Media – Source

Chat rooms and social networking sites are ways to reach out our old friends and at the same time to meet new ones. Joining on these sites comes with a great responsibility as well. You should know how to protect your profile and your identity. As much as possible, don’t give certain details like you phone number and your complete home address. Don’t easily trust on someone you’ve just had a conversation with in the chat room. If you don’t really know the person, don’t accept any invitations to meet personally. Its better you give them an impression that you are a snob rather than to take a risk and put yourself into something not safe. Just always bear in mind that your safety is still more important than anything else so be responsible.

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