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I’ve been running several sites, but this is my personal blog that has gone dead from the last 8 months because of not updating at least once in a month. This month just wrote an article and seen a huge traffic coming to my blog again. My hopes are raised and still want to become a great blogger.

Most of people drives viral traffic within a short period to show their decrement of Alexa rank. At this stage we need to promote our site on other sites. Let see here are some tricks that sent some traffic to my blog.

1. Social bookmarking

This is oldest method to drive traffic for blogs or sites, but in these some bookmarking sites accept blogs only, as blog-engage and biz sugar. When you submit on these sites makes sure you should comment on other articles too. This way you also get comments and traffic to your blog.


This is an excellent method for any website or article to get traffic except adult gambling warez, etc. Stumbleupon still works for me and people in the world. After submitting few seconds stumble upon sends traffic to your site, but all of the traffic does not convert anything. I never got any sales or revenue from this Stumbleupon, except the Alexa rank decrement.

Comment luv enabled blogs:

Search for comment luv enabled blogs according to your niche and start commenting on them with good grammar and relevant comment. This might benefits repeated traffic to your blog not just once at a time, but it brings more and more traffic.

Comment exchanges Forums:

Some of the forums allow exchanging posts or comments such as forum promotion site. In this forum some members exchange daily comments, that you should exchange with them to drive daily traffic also ask some bloggers directly to do vice-versa to decrease your Alexa rank.

Forums are the another important method to get back-links and drive traffic to your blog. If you are a member in any popular forums, just look new threads and new member posts and start a conversation with them. These types of members definitely click your links from signature since never saw your blog. Posting under old member threads already knew your blog and the chances of click through rate is incredibly low.

Another important thing is how to make fool on forums is just make your signature as today’s offer Samsung galaxy is $100, but should make relevant title to your blog make sure these members should not get away from the blog immediately. These are few methods that I did in the past on big forums.

Traffic from Social media.

Facebook are popular sites in the world where we are able to drive traffic to our blog, site, etc. Here comes some important things we believe that more likes should bring more traffic, but this is fake who know the real liker and fake ones. Please be sure make friends with active users on the Facebook and then choose friends that are interested according to your niche of the blog.

If your blog belongs to the SEO or blogging tips, then search webmaster groups and communities to make friendship with them and post in that groups such as top five free SEO tools to increase traffic within minutes.

I am writing just an example of mine, think wise and make your own decision for posting anything. Please be sure follow the forum rules to avoid banning. Recently I posted such as top 10 ways to drive traffic to your new blog from the day one, but my blog is old. LOL.

Hope you all readers loved my post, then please comment your thoughts on this article in comment box.


  1. minotechonline says:

    I am going to try these methods, commentluv sounds interesting and I like how it has a WordPress plugin. But now I have confirmation that it actually works so I will try it. I hope you breath some fresh air into your blog and I’m sure you’ll be back to where you were before you took a break from it.

  2. Hi. My name is Olarian Augustin Maradona, How long is since you’ve been doing that?

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