WordPress v/s Drupal CMS for blogging

I am describing from the past about blogging and traffic sources.

Today I am explaining¬† about my interest in Drupal CMS for blogging. I still love to use Drupal for blogging or whatever, but can’t find better themes on blog. It is hard to customize and making into blogging platform. There are modules that can build just like WordPress platform, but still look different compare to wordPress blogs.

A Drupal Blog that I am using from the past few years on my Drip Irrigation blog and still gets decent traffic, but I am unable to place the adverts correctly where I wish.¬† Some of the catchy things are they don’t have an autosave option and lost several times of my articles when writing. Drupal needs to save manually that take seconds, but autosave is the best option for not to loss the data. [Read more…]