Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Websites

When it comes to blogging, plagiarism should always be prevented because, if you post any form of duplicate material on your website, then Google will force down your website in search results and you may lose plenty of traffic and reliability as well. The problem of duplicated material is popular in those blogs where Guest posts are accepted. To avoid any such problem, you must examine the presented material for plagiarism. To help you with that, here I bring some of the best tools to check duplicate content. [Read more…]

How To Reset WordPress Site Password Using phpMyAdmin

Few days back one of my WordPress blog was giving problems for logging into admin. I tried to reset the password by requesting a new password, but it wasn’t sending email or the link does not work at all.

In the final I have to use PhpMyadmin for resetting password and did it. you can follow using the steps listed below.

There are two ways to reset the password using phpmyadmin1, using Mysql query within the database [Read more…]

Top 5 Websites to check Google Keyword Ranking

As a blogger I always used Traffic Travis to find the keyword position in Google search results. I had also examined with several websites whenever I get a review or from Google search results. These are the days so many website owners who open several websites if there is any profit with them. When there is no profit they will sell or close the site, Because of this benefit I am publishing here Top 5 search engines place                                            checker resources. [Read more…]

Boost your Social Media presence with Msocialh

MsocialH is a new social exchange site and opened by a well-known Internet marketer, and it is moving a head day by day. Msocialh offers different types of advertising using the coins based system that are earned or bought from the MsocialH site. Currently Msocialh offering two types of memberships, free and paid (vip) Memberships. Anyone buy coins to promote their sites on MsocialH or Social media sites. [Read more…]

How to clean malware-infected WordPress sites

WordPress has some loopholes for hackers, In last month my blog was hacked by someone then injected a lot of urls in the database. The way this hacker is injected links is hard to find and compromised whole data to loss in serp rank. Google Webmaster tools helped me in finding the problem to correct the database. [Read more…]