Free online plagiarism checkers for teachers

Plagiarism checker is very essential to every university, students, instructors, school because they face huge consequences in content plagiarism that makes a project failing, educational probation. The ethical is every university offers same curriculum, but they need different factors to pass a project, so plagiarism checker must make a difference for them.

I have detailed Top 5 online plagiarism checkers for teachers and they are free to use, but the paid versions allow you to get more features. [Read more…]

Top 5 Free Online Plagiarism Checker Websites

When it comes to blogging, plagiarism should always be prevented because, if you post any form of duplicate material on your website, then Google will force down your website in search results and you may lose plenty of traffic and reliability as well. The problem of duplicated material is popular in those blogs where Guest posts are accepted. To avoid any such problem, you must examine the presented material for plagiarism. To help you with that, here I bring some of the best tools to check duplicate content. [Read more…]