Free online plagiarism checkers for teachers

Plagiarism checker is very essential to every university, students, instructors, school because they face huge consequences in content plagiarism that makes a project failing, educational probation. The ethical is every university offers same curriculum, but they need different factors to pass a project, so plagiarism checker must make a difference for them.

I have detailed Top 5 online plagiarism checkers for teachers and they are free to use, but the paid versions allow you to get more features.


Plagscan is one of my favorite, impressive tool for checking plagiarism content. Plagscan is used by many professionals, teachers and students because it checks extensively online websites, documents.




It is easy to use for teachers, students, professionals without installing anything in computer.

No Download Required

Easy to integrate for Business people, like Teachers, institutions, professionals.

No Subscription required for private users.


Need to subscribe for Free version.

Free trial allows only to check up-to 2000 words.

On Free version it takes time due to massive traffic from worldwide.

Using Paid Services :

Unlimited time for storage online

Membership starts from $5.99 on-wards per month (minimum 6 months should be taken). For Schools and universities start at $19.99 on-wards per month with unlimited online storage.

2. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism checker is totally a free tool for checking whether the content is copied or not. It works very fast even with free account.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker


The easiest online tool for checking plagiarism without any ques or form submissions.

Totally Online

No Download or installation required, simply featured online.


This tool only works on Google, Yahoo browsers. My suggestion is to use Chrome even in Androids.

Totally free of charge and never need to pay a dime.

3. Plagium

Plagium is Simple, easy to identify plagiarism whether on the internet, social networking or from records, with different levels of search. It offers on the internet look for with deep level for checking loopholes of plagiarism.




It allows upto 5000 characters for free and no need to pay a dime.

Clearly explained with details to follow for quick search, deep search.

Cons :

It has severe limited free features that require to upgrade.

Copy and insert records straight to the site, but uploading files you need to pay the fee.

Paid services from this software

If you are using regularly their features, then need a paid membership. They charge on number of characters and searches as this inexpensive online tool for plagiarism checking.

4. Paper Rater

Paper Rater  offers for teachers, students, Professionals for checking plagiarism unlimited documents.

Paper Rater

Paper Rater

Pros :

Paper rater is not just like plagiarism checker, but it checks so many things,

Spelling and Grammar

vocabulary appropriateness, suggestion in writing sentences

Style Analysis,

Cons :

Paper rater can’t allow you to save reports because it can work faster for free users.

Here’s what you get using paid version that is $7.95, but sometimes you get 50% discounts.

Ad free Interface for loading results faster.

Allows to upload files. (doc, docx, txt, rtf)

Enhanced plagiarism for removing the text that is matched.

Access premium modules.

5. PlagTracker

Plag Tracker offers to content unlimited times for free and if it found any plagiarized content, then lists with a link to the website where the content copied. The site is very useful for teachers, students and offices because in schools all will get one IP.

Plag Tracker

Plag Tracker

Pros :

It allows you to enter upto 5000 characters at a time for checking duplicate content.

They don’t offer storing data so it will generates result fast.


Marks the line that has plagiarized on numerous times.

Same text is marked as unique report.

Using Paid Version: It allows you to check Crammer too.

It allows you to check plagiarism for a larger database.

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