Visual Editor is Not Showing in WordPress 5

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It’s long time for writing on my blog since I have stopped it for some other reasons, However Im back to blogging, hope this time I would achieve my goals.

I recently upgraded to WordPress 5 and thought to write a blog post, however I am unable to see the Classic Editor that is missing on something happened. I tried searching a lot in Search engines, but couldn’t find the right answer and lastly cam from someone suggestion to Install Classic Editor, Which is perfect for me and you too. [Read more…]

How to Reset WordPress Password using Phpmyadmin

There are two techniques to restore a wordpress admin password from PHPmyadmin. First method is working query within the databases as it is easier to do in a few seconds, However you must run the query properly, else might get corruption in the database.

Make sure to  back-up the full database, so if anything goes wrong you can restore the information resource from your PC or laptop. [Read more…]

How To Reset WordPress Site Password Using phpMyAdmin

Few days back one of my WordPress blog was giving problems for logging into admin. I tried to reset the password by requesting a new password, but it wasn’t sending email or the link does not work at all.

In the final I have to use PhpMyadmin for resetting password and did it. you can follow using the steps listed below.

There are two ways to reset the password using phpmyadmin1, using Mysql query within the database [Read more…]