How to Disable all plugins when unable to access Wp-admin

Most of the time we will face problems with plugins and it will not allow to access WordPress admin since the page will be 404 error or the access will get disabled. In most cases Plugins issue like hacked or update fizzled. If you are unable to access WordPress admin area for plugin problems then please follow the steps below that will solve your problems.

By using FTP

Deactivate all plugins using FTP or certain plugin

Open your Favorite FTP and connect it to the server where your blog was hosted. Once you are in the root folder, browse the domain or subfolder where the WordPress files are stored. Open the wp-content folder and then rename the plugin directory to something, by this way you are deactivated the plugins. Once done access to your WordPress admin and check, where is your problem persists? [Read more…]

How to clean malware-infected WordPress sites

WordPress has some loopholes for hackers, In last month my blog was hacked by someone then injected a lot of urls in the database. The way this hacker is injected links is hard to find and compromised whole data to loss in serp rank. Google Webmaster tools helped me in finding the problem to correct the database. [Read more…]

How to remove This site may harm your computer from Google

Today my site was attacked by a spammer and it went into phishing site. I had just discovered from google analytics why my WordPress blog doesn’t have any visitors. First I thought that the server was down, but once I knew the message on my site I was stunned.

Firefox don’t allow at-least to browse my site, every time it ask to me whether to proceed or not. I have checked webmaster tools and their I found malicious code, which is on my site. It’s easy to remove this malicious code form your site since webmaster tool show what was wrong with my site.

How I removed the Malware code from my site?

These attackers mainly inserts the code in footer templates or header template file. First open your site in opera view the source code exactly match in the report of webmaster tools now find it in your theme and remove that code from your site.

Why do this happen?

This will happen due to more security issues where you are hosting. most will be happen on free hosts or your password has been stolen, or your password density is too low.

Recommendations to avoid these warnings:
Update your CMS to the latest version.
Change your password of CMS and Webhosting too.
Finally resubmit your appeal on google webmaster tools tha you have fixed and removed the codes etc.