(Solved) Iphone 5 Not Turning on after Battery Replacement

Here comes an interesting Story from my Phone. Recently my phone battery went in bad condition and replaced with a new one, but at this time I placed the battery in Wrong direction that is plus to minus and minus to plus.

Battery Terminals
Battery Terminals

It got short-circuited and went into heat, immediately I removed the battery from its slot and kept it aside for few minutes. The new battery was cooled, but got damaged a little at the plastic and at the plus or minus poles of the battery. [Read more…]

Top 10 Winzip alternative tools

We use Winzip every day for archiving  files because most of the files are stored in servers with a less space and protected them from viruses. Sometimes Winzip, Winrar may fail to install or we need to choose another software for archiving multiple files. There are more alternative software, but these are my top 10 Winzip alternatives.

  1. 7 Zip

7 Zip is one of my favorite software for zipping files as it is a free tool works very fast. 7 Zip is an alternative software against Winrar or Winzip even with other software, but my favorite was 7 Zip because it can compress with a higher ratio of Gzip formats. 7Zip  archive formats are boosts that also offers a 7z.&zip uses LZMA andLZMA2 compression that makes 40% higher compression ratio with more dictionary sizes. 7 Zip proves at a Glance it has a little bit O magic.

7 Zip
7 Zip

There are several menus that allows within the extracted files. The main toolbar contains most useful features that can store folders history and 7 Zip integrates with the Windows Explorer. The source code is used GNU/ GPL license while the Unrar code is under a mixed GNU+LGPL restrictions. [Read more…]

Top 10 Screen Recorders For Windows

Screen Recorders are useful for everyone and colleges, universities must have have compulsory because they can record tutorial, add captions for the students those who missed the class or for distance education, training colleges.  There are distinctive things that one must have a screen recorder in their laptop, desktop, Android, Tablets.
I have tested myself some of the top rated free and paid Screen Recording software that are most useful for us. There are even more , but I just made my list of Top 10 Screen Recorders for Windows. [Read more…]

How to create an instagram account using PC

Instagram is the top social network for photos to exchange upload and download using app. This social network runs on app, even for registration we need to install app on Android, Iphone. Webmasters who are always connected to the internet using Laptop, PC and therefore we are unable to use this Instagram on our PC’s.

For this reason we have to install Bluestacks that gives to install app within this bluestacks.

5 Easy steps to open an account with instagram on our pc. [Read more…]

How to Make One Word Name Account On Facebook

Facebook makes some difference between countries and allows to show according to the regions Here in India we have First, Last and Middle name,  unlike in some countries they have only first name.

If you want to change it into single name, then please follow these simple instructions. Indonesian people having single name accounts, however you need to use a proxy for setting Indonesian IP. [Read more…]