How to disable seen word in Facebook

Facebook has been implemented seen word in 2012 for better arguments and conversation each other. The seen word mainly useful just as read receipt email, however this seen word also make arguments if the person haven’t replied.

I too argued with someone for not having a reply from more than a week.  For this reason Facebook has offered an unread option to hide seen word and time. There is also a mute button for muting the chat conversation as it makes us invisible mode. Facebook has several things for the chat conversations.button.

Here I am describing two ways to hide the seen word from chat messages. The best method is just click on the hide button.

Seen Word in Facebook
Seen Word in Facebook

You can disable  seen option by manually and no need to install any programs.

1. Disable to seen word Manually

This is the easiest method to hide the seen word, just hit the Mark as unread button that is side user chat messages. Just see the screenshot.

Facebook hide button
Facebook hide button

Once you clicked the Mark as Unread button it shows a new message and an option to click Mark As Read.

Mark As Read
Mark As Read

2. Disable the chat seen word automatically.

This method works on web version only. I mean desktop and laptops.

Here we need to install Addon Plugin.

For Mozilla Firefox use this tool Unseen

For Chrome Facebook Unseen

Download and install the plugin just as similar plugin  installed.

Enable the plugin through the plugin navigation. If you are unable to understand please comment below, so I can explain to you..

Once enabled the plugin restart the browser, and login to the facebook, start chatting as your friends will never see the seen word.

How do you know whether this extension is working or not?

Just use your brother or someone’s account or ask your close friend to chat with you. Now you will know whether it is working or not.

To disable this unseen method.

Just go the plugin tools and disable or remove the plugin from browser.

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