How to disable seen word in Facebook

Facebook has been implemented seen word in 2012 for better arguments and conversation each other. The seen word mainly useful just as read receipt email, however this seen word also make arguments if the person haven’t replied.

I too argued with someone for not having a reply from more than a week.  For this reason Facebook has offered an unread option to hide seen word and time. There is also a mute button for muting the chat conversation as it makes us invisible mode. Facebook has several things for the chat conversations.button. [Read more…]

How to Download Facebook Videos

Facebook is one top social networking site for sharing videos and funny things. Few of the people like to download some funny or interested videos to watch later.

People always look for a download button and most of them doesn’t know how to get the link for downloading video from Facebook, for this reason sake I am writing the article here. [Read more…]

How to Clear the Cache on Facebook

People uses Facebook for chatting, searching friends, but many doesn’t know how to clean the cache within Facebook account.

Cleaning Facebook Cache is pretty good for privacy that is revealed by Facebook Open Graph.

My suggestion is everyone should clean their Facebook Cache from time to time. Facebook is too bad and their employees never look for the people who are struggling to survive from the privacy.

Facebook keep tracks of our searches that we made. There fore need to clean this cache for misusing or malpractices by Facebook scams. [Read more…]