How to create an instagram account using PC

Instagram is the top social network for photos to exchange upload and download using app. This social network runs on app, even for registration we need to install app on Android, Iphone. Webmasters who are always connected to the internet using Laptop, PC and therefore we are unable to use this Instagram on our PC’s.

For this reason we have to install Bluestacks that gives to install app within this bluestacks.

5 Easy steps to open an account with instagram on our pc. [Read more…]

How to Make One Word Name Account On Facebook

Facebook makes some difference between countries and allows to show according to the regions Here in India we have First, Last and Middle name,  unlike in some countries they have only first name.

If you want to change it into single name, then please follow these simple instructions. Indonesian people having single name accounts, however you need to use a proxy for setting Indonesian IP. [Read more…]

How To View Hidden Files In Pendrive

We use pen drives, Memory cards for storing important data and sometimes even keep the data hidden by password protection.

Pendrives are commonly useful for multiple times reading on different computers, laptops, or other devices.

In these days there are several software for removing password, but most of them are paid versions and we have to subscribe every year, Another option is Windows allows to unlock the passwords by just clicking a few of the clicks. [Read more…]

How to disable seen word in Facebook

Facebook has been implemented seen word in 2012 for better arguments and conversation each other. The seen word mainly useful just as read receipt email, however this seen word also make arguments if the person haven’t replied.

I too argued with someone for not having a reply from more than a week.  For this reason Facebook has offered an unread option to hide seen word and time. There is also a mute button for muting the chat conversation as it makes us invisible mode. Facebook has several things for the chat conversations.button. [Read more…]