Top 10 Winzip alternative tools

We use Winzip every day for archivingĀ  files because most of the files are stored in servers with a less space and protected them from viruses. Sometimes Winzip, Winrar may fail to install or we need to choose another software for archiving multiple files. There are more alternative software, but these are my top 10 Winzip alternatives.

  1. 7 Zip

7 Zip is one of my favorite software for zipping files as it is a free tool works very fast. 7 Zip is an alternative software against Winrar or Winzip even with other software, but my favorite was 7 Zip because it can compress with a higher ratio of Gzip formats. 7ZipĀ  archive formats are boosts that also offers a 7z.&zip uses LZMA andLZMA2 compression that makes 40% higher compression ratio with more dictionary sizes. 7 Zip proves at a Glance it has a little bit O magic.

7 Zip

7 Zip

There are several menus that allows within the extracted files. The main toolbar contains most useful features that can store folders history and 7 Zip integrates with the Windows Explorer. The source code is used GNU/ GPL license while the Unrar code is under a mixed GNU+LGPL restrictions. [Read more…]