Top 10 Screen Recorders for Mac

Screen Recorders are more important in these days as we find so many tutorial sites on the net with content and text, but still they are not in correct explanation. On YouTube on other video sharing sites we find so many tutorials that are created using video recording software, but we should use the right software for making  excellent videos.

Today I will show the Top 10 screen recording tools for Mac that have been rated on most sites, read the entire topic to see which one fits for your need.

1. Jing

Jing is designed by the Techsmith that has done more application such as Snagit, Camtasia are well known resources designed by Techsmith, hence Jing is a fantastic application, thoughtlessly ranked as top one in world.

Some of the features that are found with Jing is making videos, images with a single click. To start recording just use capture tool drag and drop it on any part of the screen. Once the area is selected and you are able to record the video.

Jing Software contains Mic for describing while making a clip. This is excellent for making training videos to show learners and other people.

2. Ephnic Screen Recorder

These Application had two types of editions paid,  100 % free.  The free software program gives as a beginner pack for examining like a test purpose, although we get most out of the program from the test software.

There are three options for recording screen,

  1. Full Screen recording that allows to record whole of the computer screen.
  2. Select a customized screen by choosing area that we need to record.
  3. Record a screen or a program that we are operating, Fixed Window.

This software allows speech narration conversion, results, subtitles, several screen-casts, cut video clips to make appropriate video clip.  It allows preserving in so many types such as AVI, MP4, MOV video clip clips and discuss on Facebook or YouTube straight.

3. DesktopRecorder

Desktop Recorder is a simple tool, easy interface for recording by selecting the compress ratio with a number of iframes per second.  QuickTime is more powerful, offers speed of recording than Desktop Recorder. If you don’t have QuickTime on your desktop, then please use Desktop Recorder as it is helpful, free to record.

Desktop Recorder

Desktop Recorder

4. Copernicus

Copernicus is a screen capture that allows you to capture in multiple screens or whole screen to record small videos. Coprnicus record videos in iframe rate whether to rely on hard drive or memory.  This software allows the adjustment of an image while saving, but it saves only jpg format.

5. ShinyWhiteBox

Shinywhitebox is a specific APP to record videos directly from your screen. They have two editions Ishowu immediate and Ishowyoustudio, select the one that you want to modify video clips.

iShowU Instant

iShowU Instant

6. Screen Recorder Robot Lite

This App is available on the The apple company APP store as it is very simple to use for documenting video clips.  This App  allows for choosing any part of the screen area to create video. With the Light edition it clip might last less than 4 minutes as there would not be any watermarks on the clip.  There is one more option for enabling mouse click, so it can add every mouse click in recording that we made.

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

Screen Recorder Robot Lite

7. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

This was one of the best software for recording Screen and sound at a time to have a better conversation on producing videos. The application allows documenting in number of catching dimensions and can be modified according to our need. When you choose area method digicam can be included for catching images into that screen. Give a try to see how it is different from other screen recorders. You are able to save the video formats in MP4, AVI, WMV, SWF, 3GP and so on.

Using this Software you are able to make video clips, guides, game previews, web camera communicating films, Images in HD video clips.


Monosnap is a free screen recorder that is far better than some screen recorders like Droplr. Still this is better because it is almost 100 % free and never pay any money. There is a button to record screen, posting stored image to our own server.

9. QuickTime Player

Quick time is the most significant tool as it comes with excellent sotware as more companies offer it through pre-install on devices. It is more laggy than ordinary Screen recorders therefore my recommendation is to use the newest edition as it allows editing in everything.

10. Capture Me

Capture me is usually allows to capture window, re-size and invert ability. To capture screen just drag and drop it anywhere on the window area that needs to capture.

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