How to buy and sell on eBay

How to buy on eBay

Purchasing online is made simple, comfortable, but so far few of them are fraudsters, cheaters as they does not know the value of reviews from customers. In identical technique some people who start making money by selling products on eBay from their home. In many instances promoting on eBay, depending on them is bad choice as eBay won’t care about buyers, sellers.

Promoting on eBay is almost easy, but never rely upon them, try to get your own website or with other shops like Amazon, Snapdeal, Homeshop18. EBay has higher cost and they close the records being unsure of us and they keep the amount for a certain time period without crediting us.

Buyer need to confirm that the product has received, but 85% buyers never initiate or click the confirm button as they don’t want us to get more sales or the money in time. These types of buyers should have some common sense and they even should know if the product has a guarantee.

Ebay expenses are too much in comparison to the other shops and they even won’t pay our cash promptly foundation, see below their fee prices.

For Paisapay they demand 4.4% for every 100 INR, that is if you marketed 1000 item thenĀ  Paisapay fee would be 44 rupees and the eBay fee relies on the course. Assume if you published in home goods, then it would be 1% so for 1000 INR the fee would be 10 plus lising fee that concerns 5 INR. The complete fee should be 44 + 10 +5 – 59 INR.

This is the fee subtracted by eBay and it will be theĀ  earnings for them. All the workers are from Indian, but they assistance to this eBay fraudsters to preserve their roles.

Cheater of Ebay seller

Cheater of Ebay seller

If you are buying products on eBay make sure there wouldn’t be any guarantee for a product with less price as most offer that they will repair or replace, but these idiots won’t return your product.

If you want to buy on eBay dot com and hoping to provide on eBay Indian for greater amount then it would be suitable for you, but think before twice on digital items as these China providers won’t assistance all the efforts and they can vanish at any level. Most of this China providers are suppliers that they carry from manufacturers and list them on Alibaba and Aliexpress. These sort of providers does not even know about item information or manufacturing changes.

The other type of selling on eBay is purchasing from offline Market and sell them on eBay India for higher price. I would request to you check in the feedback score how many they are selling on eBay such type of products, so your products too will get marketed.

An example of electronic products :

Buy from Aliexpress such as Iphone LCD display, Cell phone includes and offer them on eBay for multiple price. There are more kind of such items that you will be making money. Never try to import in huge as they were suppliers not manufacturers so you will get junk items.

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