Protecting your kids the right way

No matter how old children get, parents want to protect them from harm in everyway. We all know how dangerous the Internet can be at times. There are many websites that have inappropriate content that can be viewed way too easily. With the correct words searched on Google and a click of your mouse you can easily get to those sites. Though at the same time the internet is a wonderful place filled with educational sites and entertainment.

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Do It Yourself Computer Repair Business

People nowadays have power over their individual laptops. Still, there are households that keep personal computers. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to start a pc repair business. This kind of computer is low in maintenance, could work for extended hours, and definitely lasts longer than laptops. Technicians should take advantage of this situation since crashing desktop computers is still inevitable.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Computer Repair Business

Computer repair businesses are quite thriving nowadays, given of the increasing number of computers worldwide. While some have already established a name and a market, some opt for home computer repair business while waiting for the perfect timing to start out an establishment. Such option also has its own pros and cons. A business like this at home can be manageable since you can receive clients anytime of the day.

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How To Reset BIOS Password on Windows Laptop

Laptop and Desktop BIOS are different and laptop BIOS comes with password protected because more useful in nature. Bios is a small chip that stores information of the chipset how to perform, when to do according functions from the keyboard or no keyboard.

In these days Laptop’s comes preloaded password protection, therefore we need to change or know the password when we want to change any information in Bios.

For Example we need to boot from USB or from optical Drive. For these types of reasons we have to find out the BIOS password for changing information. There are two to three methods for changing password and I am describing two methods.

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