Best Gaming Headset At A Reasonable Price

A headset is composed of headphones and a microphone, and is usually more affordable than buying them separately. However, a high quality gaming headset can be really expensive. No matter if you play on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, a general use headset can be good enough for occasional gamers, but there are headsets designed specifically for gaming that can fetch under USD 100, which is a truly reasonable price. Some companies specialize in producing less expensive, but quality gaming headsets, which means that even if you are on a budget, you can still get one that has reasonable mid-range features. [Read more…]

Dell vostro 1015 laptop

Dell is the best company to produce affordable prices laptops with high quality.This dell vostro 1015 is mainly suitable for small and medium enterprise business.This vostro 15.6 inches laptop has built in wireless with great technology and will not produce any problems, keep you get connected can buy easy,even get support too from online and offline no hassles.

This Vostro 1015 was made from intel centrino core 2 duo processors (T6670,T6570) and energy-efficient WLED screen with latest technology.This is perfect for medium business since this had intel celeron(900,925) which may run slower than large business get even more speed with this intel Express 45 chipset.


MEmory.For every laptop it is very important one should know how much RAM can be inserted and how many modules are their.For dell vostro it has 2 DUal channel so you can insert 2 DDR2 SDRAM at 800Mhz – 2 DIMM cards upto 4gb .If you are looking more than this then i suggest to take higher enterprise laptop from DELL.This new laptop comes with a free softwares so you can choose it from linux,windows 7 home or professional,I recommend to you to get windows 7 professional because you can download linux from their website since it is open source almost free software.Also if you are not interested in this i suggest to you downgrade by yourself for Windows xp professional.

In this vostro 1015 their are many more features such as video,music,gaming, wireless connecting etc.Childrens always looks for their lovely games and you can install some games with this Integrated 512 (MB) IntelĀ® 4500MHD Graphics Media Accelerator card.For storing data It comes with 320 GB hard drive and an optical drive with 8*DVD -/+Write.

15.6 inches display which can give better picture sound with one speaker you can chat voice or video chat with your friends using this integrated 1.3 MP camera with digital microphone also connect wireless internet to your laptop from anywhere and even wireless keyboard because this vostro provides bluetooth in combo method.

External ports :Their are 4 USB ports so you can attach 4 plugs also one network connector.their are additional which are common to every laptop and they are 34 mm ExpressCard slot,5in 1 card reader,audio jack,external vga connector.

Support and warranty:This is betterthan lenovo company for providing data backup with remote assistance upto 10GB with one year service.This means you can recover data even if your laptop has been crashed.Their are many more features from Dell so i will describe in next post how to get service warrant repair etc.

lenovo Y560 series- 06465RU

Lenovo has newly announced y560 series with four models plus customizable Laptop.This is one of the model from the four.A new model is always important since it will built up with new features rather than old one.Lenovo has come up with certain good features this time.
The ideapad Y560 Laptop – 06465RU black comes with 1.3 megapixel camera attached to it.All of the models have 1.3 mp camera even for lenovo y410.One can customize their laptop since many love for gaming and speed is on demand for higher programs.
06465RU The laptop comes with Intel Core i3-380M Processor ( 2.53GHz 1066MHz 3MB).The processor shows with huge speed and can run many programs once>if you are looking for gaming laptop then lenovo has already have graphics card which is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5730 1GB.Everyone looks for better and fast computing plus gaming for this lenovo had made 4gb ram PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz.This means the laptop will work very fast and even gives best performance while you can play games work etc without interruption to your programs.
Display :This is the one most important thing for better viewing and carrying to outside viewing in garden etc.The laptop it itself comes with attached LCD screen 15.6 Inches HD LED Glare and resolution is 1366×768.Some people thinks carrying ilaptops n pockets but it is for only computing rather than viewing images or watching movies on beaches garden etc would be harder and from lenovo it has been easy but you are unable to keep in your pocket because of the size.Buying before any laptop just think why you are buying and for what purpose then only you can able to buy the best laptop for your needs.
Drives:Hard drive and optical drives are very important but this days you can even use USB hard drives to your TV.So i might suggest to you rely on hard drives for storing your valuable data in seperate hard drive.Lenovo ideapad y560 series has customizable hard drive and optical drives.From my side you can use 160 gb hard drive but lenovo has 500GB which is more and more that can handle a lot of movies.Burning DVDs lenovo had provided DVD writer with dual layer so you can burn dvds on both sides.

keypad :touchpad is similar to old laptops their is no new thing on this and it is just standard model.Y560 series doesnt have even finger print reader.If you Finger print reader then ask for yoru customization this will really helpful those who do not want to loss data from theft or misuse the laptop.

Networking :Lenovo 560 series two of models that is
06465RU and 06465NU comes with networking card Intel 1000 BGN Wireless.For wireless networking while travelling or on terror you can use blutooth for this lenovo had provided Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR for all of the models 06465NU,06465AU,06465CU

Power:With this 6 lithium ions you can use your laptop upto 4 hours depending upon your programs thatare using.You can even use by plugging ac cord into the AC.

Operationg System :This four lenovo models 06465NU,06465AU,06465CU comes with genuine windows 7 operating preloaded system if you dont want windows 7 then you can downgrade your system.

Price and warranty:The price subject to change on time basis but this will be nearly $1000 and with one year on site warranty.