Best Gaming Headset At A Reasonable Price

A headset is composed of headphones and a microphone, and is usually more affordable than buying them separately. However, a high quality gaming headset can be really expensive. No matter if you play on your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation, a general use headset can be good enough for occasional gamers, but there are headsets designed specifically for gaming that can fetch under USD 100, which is a truly reasonable price. Some companies specialize in producing less expensive, but quality gaming headsets, which means that even if you are on a budget, you can still get one that has reasonable mid-range features.

Inexpensive gaming headsets

Moreover, there are plenty of even more affordable models that cost no more than USD 50 each and that offer something for everyone, depending on what interests you most. Some affordable gaming headsets provide increased comfort, others have a sturdy build, while others yet focus on the acoustic quality. With some brands, it is possible to get two or all of these features in the same headset that you can also use for watching movies.



Headset features worth the price

While it is best to go for a gaming headset that has a simple design but valuable features, make sure the model you choose is suitable for the type of device you use for gaming, namely consoles or PCs.

Sound quality is important   

Audio quality is an essential part of the whole gaming experience, and it should be above average even when you purchase an affordable headset. Some budget models even offer surround sound, though typically only via a USB port for Mac and PC. Most headsets feature a noise-cancelling microphone and/ or headphones, as well as on-ear controls that are easy to reach and that allow you to adjust or mute the volume whenever you need to.

Moreover, the headphone should be fitted with comfortable on-ear pads that are designed to withstand regular wear and tear. Even though they do not cancel out external noise, open-ear cups provide not only enhanced comfort, but also crystal clear sound, so consider these if breathability is the most important feature to you. The microphone can be inline or sticking out; some of the microphones that stick out are also detachable and can be rotated to make them more comfortable to use.

Durable build

Make sure to purchase a quality headset that is sturdy enough to last for several years, without requiring major repairs or even replacing. The headband should be lightweight to ensure comfort over several hours of daily continuous use, and even if it is made of plastic, the headband should be flexible and sturdy at the same time for convenient size adjustments.


Most budget models sport a simple design, and are made of plastic, even though some headsets also feature a metal skeleton.
Finally, before buying, make sure to carefully check all product specifications and particularly if your gaming headset connects via USB or via standard audio and headphone jacks (usually 3.5 mm), and whether it is mobile compatible and works with a gaming laptop or not.

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