Laptop Keyboard Typing Wrong Characters

Recently I’ve used USB external keyboard with my laptop for typing speed in order to relax on the chair.  Once I connected and rebooted the laptop and half of the keys are typing wrong. I have to use function (fn) key to get correct characters, however in this scenario it shows nothing fault in my keyboard as somewhere a reset button was done.

Searching in search engines found that I have to use Num Lock key, but this must done in Bios. 3 to 4 days passed, but the solution wasn’t found because of BIOS password.

Num Lock Preset

Num Lock Preset

At this time after loading Windows I reconnected my USB keyboard and pressed the NUM LOCK button. This made to my laptop in correct condition for characters.

I suggest that you should connect the keyboard after booting and press the NUM LOCK key from external keyboard, as we don’t NUM LOCK key in Laptop.

If this method not worked with you, then please mention your problem in the comment section below.


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