Lenovo Y50-70

Lenovo Laptop is my preferred for playing games, designing Cad diagrams as it will handle a lot of things. I’ve had trouble with my Lenovo Y410 laptop, but their latest models that came from Y710 are great and never had problems those who are using in their homes, offices.

This Y50 Laptop is suitable for gamers fast performing and better playable games. This is really built in latest technology with graphics that everything can be installed under one roof.

Install any game for kids as it ill run very smoothly because of  DDR3 Ram that has 8 GB.

Lenovo Y50-70

Lenovo Y50-70

Design :

The laptop is very thin in width that is only 24 mm thickness and the screen size is 26.3 cms excellent for playing games when we are on the tour. The screen has a maximum resolution 1920*1080 for displaying graphics from latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX860M 4GB DDR5 Graphics.

Laptop Specifications:

Lenovo Laptops are all powered by Intel and this one comes with Core i7-4710HQ, 2.5 GHZ processor, 8 GB Ram for faster performance under DDR3L Technology.

The laptop has 1 Terabyte storage for storing anything movies, music games and much more that you won’t need to erase files frequently.

Accutype Keyboard

Accutype Keyboard

Built in Speaker, microphone for better audio and music, chat conversation. The System comes with preloaded Windows 8.1 for effortless access anything.

The USB is generally built with 2.0 one port and 3.0 with 2 ports for connecting latest USB devices.

The laptop is in black color  weighs around 2.5kg’s that is a small weight for carrying it anywhere we want.

Some of the Key Features for this laptop are as follows:

Dolby Digital Audio: The speakers are built in crystal clear sound for hearing music The Laptop comes with Premium speakers that are built with JBL stereo.

Optical Drive :  Optical drive is an external drive for storing or reading data from disks.

This laptop has great optical drive that will burn movies, data much more for reading later and very useful for keeping the data safe

Video Chat: In these days Social network, and messengers are more rapidly increased for chatting with friends and relative. Veriface Pro works better Veriface 2.0 software as this new one doesn’t need passwords, instead of that we can verify through it.

Lenovo Veriface

Lenovo Veriface

Face recognition software that uses  webcam to investigate the real user and allows to start windows.

For handbook please read Lenovo Y50-70 Notebook manual


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