(Solved) Iphone 5 Not Turning on after Battery Replacement

Here comes an interesting Story from my Phone. Recently my phone battery went in bad condition and replaced with a new one, but at this time I placed the battery in Wrong direction that is plus to minus and minus to plus.

Battery Terminals

Battery Terminals

It got short-circuited and went into heat, immediately I removed the battery from its slot and kept it aside for few minutes. The new battery was cooled, but got damaged a little at the plastic and at the plus or minus poles of the battery. [Read more…]

Battery life

We always think for a longer life duration batteries but this will depends even upon us.Many people dont know how much they should charge but as on lcd we see the strength of the battery and it shows how much it has charged but it does not show the life of battery.
Tips to save battery life
1.do not over charge the battery or discharge.
2.never short circuit the terminals.
3.dont leave the batteries alone keep charging even they not in use like once in a month
4.before buying look the cells when they manufactured since it life cycle would be ending even they not in use.
5.Test the batteries voltage when you bought them from shop and their full discharge time.
6.Never use fast charging methods unless it would be tested by a experienced technician
Their are many more things that we should remember during buying or replacing etc.Just think a normal cellphone it will give more hours when we brought from the shop but from their it will start to give low hours this is a way of battery life ending.