windows must restart now because the dcom server process

recently my laptop got virus due to not using virus protector but finally decided to remove it

I have downloaded adware from lavasoft and made to check viruses thus it tried to remove but pc was hangout and said restart in one minute

but at this time you just click your watch and change the year for example 2008 to 2007 or 2006

then remove the virus using adware after this restart you pc or laptop and run again adware to see any virus you can run your pc or laptop fine

let me know if you have any suggestions or questions post here

About me

I myself here want to describe about me

I have before started a blog and have to close for some reason so i started now on my own name.I have been spended online more than 4 years and made good amount of money .I have started again because of many forums dont allow to talk the truth scam programs so i suggested myself to start a blog

Presently i am going to make this technology blog only since many of them interested in technology parts .I love to speech freely through all over the world my main interest is forums rather than blogging but for time pass i am still continuing