dmc tz5 from panasonic

DMC-TZ5S is a 9.1 mega pixel camera which has 28 mm wide angel lens 10* optical zoom.from this lenses we can shoot nice images even from far distance and the extra optical zoom function also extends to give greater pictre as much as 16.9*

the LCD bright diagonal can makes easier to shoot images and much faster.This lcd automatically adjusts bright and and darkness pictures even in night or day at any time to give best quality images.

Auto mode can help in preventing pictures from bluring,lighting differences etc. MEGA Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S.) helps prevent blurring from hand-shake and Face Detection helps produce clear portraits by optimizing the focus and exposure settings.

You can record motion images with sensational 1280 x 720 HD resolution at 30 frames per second and also able to use zoom.from this camera you can even connect to HDTV to view motion images in larger size.The Clipboard allows you to take photos of maps, timetables and other travel info.This images and videos are all saved in seperate folder to view at any time by selecting date or time etc.You can even make a stamp n every photo so no one can steal your images