HP Slate 500 Touchpad Tablet

Tablet Pcs are growing like real tablets in market. Hp’s company products are always worth than other product companies. The new HP slate 500 is more convenient for professionals who usually travel and easier friendly for windows platform.

For browsing documents use your own fingers just like Touchpad, but it works more on HP slate multi touch display. Typing would be harder to some people, but one can write with a pen on your HP slate 500 Touchpad for writing emails, notes withe ease method. This is easy to carry while going to shopping malls or from meeting to another meeting without interruption to your chatting. Playing videos and stream video from the web its much easier to show someone from the web on this HP slate 500. There are two cameras for this slate 500 tablet Pc one can be able to use this camera as VGA conference system, and still take shots from the 3 megapixel camera. Charging can be done to this tablet PC to gain even more ways to connect accessories. Use Bluetooth to connect headsets, mics, mouse, printers. This slate 500 was built USB 2.0 enabled connections.

Specifications: Operating system comes with genuine windows 7 professional 32 bit system.

Processor which has more high performance and comes with (1.86 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB) powered by INTEL Atom processor Z540. It has been operated with Intel chipset controller hub US 15W. The memory comes with 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and this is maximum memory cannot be upgradable never.

The Internal Hard drive comes with 64 GB as light weighted tablet PC. If you need more space, then you have to use external hard drives by using USB enabled hard drive or CD drive. The dimension of display is 8.9 inches wide viewing angle touchscreen, Thus picture can be accelerated from Intel Graphics media card 500

Connecting Devices:USB 2.0 enabled support, Integrated 3 MP Camera, Power connector, Hp slate Digital pen, integrated with high definition audio and video comes with speakers attached.

power supply:For recharging use 30watts power supply which comes from HP. The battery is 2-cell (30 WHr) polymer comes for 5 hours approximately once it charged. It operates at a temperature of 50 to 95°F (10 to 35°C). The dimension of this slate 500 is 9.21 width x 0.58 x 5.91 height and the weight is nearly kilogram. Overall this Slate comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.

graphite kindle with 6 inches

Buying kindles or looking for kindles then you need an advice for this but most go for a new models that can even better than old models as people believe.Coming to this new kindle was for less price and 6 inches display that can be easily read from distance just like with our laptops.
Theirs a huge difference between kindle and backlit lcds since you cannot able to read in backlit screens but you can read in kindles under sunlight just look in the image below.

The kindle features are as follows
Very high contrast and e link screen more than 50% better with latest pearl technology.you can read in even under red sunlight.better font size and improved from old kindles in this new edition so it can be viewable from far too.Its good for our eyes.A single recharge can give you upto 2 months of life cycle this means better than laptops or mobiles.This is very leek in design and thin featured weighs around 8.5 ounces.
This is built in wifi enabled series and can be easily download anything without wires.Browse the web over using the wi fi method.20% faster page turns with seamless reading.
comparing to laptops this kindle never heats up and lighter in weight sleek in design much more user friendly,Energy can be used for days even months in one recycle charge

Buy cheap apple ipad in USA

Buying ipads online is easy but one have to look its certain features.This is a new ipad form apple which is MB292LL with 16 GB memory plus wifi enabled.At amazon you find many old items and new items so please check before buying them.
old apple

This ipad comes with 16gb memory card with 1 GHZ inside but you can increase upto 32 or 64 gb memory cards.It is designed with a4 custom system on a chip.This comes with 9.7 inches diagonal wide screen with led glossy backlit and it is multi touch display with latest technology.The resolution comes with 1024-by-768 at 132 pixels per inch with this resolution you can view websites with easily.Almost most of the websites are made at this resolution so it would be better to buy such models.

networking :
This is the most requirement for the ipads since one can surf easily internet from anywhere and this ipad can connected internet through wifi enabled or an USB option.Bluetooth comes with 2.1 EDR technology.
Details of hardware :The system platform comes with loaded software mac.The system is powered by one processor and a ram of 256 mb type pc1066.For storing data and other types this ipad has 16GB serial ATA hard drive.This ipad can be connected to many wireless or usb enable gadgets.Overall the size is 9.56 * 7.47 inches and 0.5 inches thickness.weight is approximately 1.5 pounds.Charging can be done upto 10 hours with the charger provided by company.or else buy iton amazon

Apple Introduces 16 GB ipod

Apple has introduced new fourth generation ipods one of the ipod which is 16 gb in vibrant colors and more thinnest which can be easy to place in pockets and even the weight is low compared to earlier ipods.The new generation ipon sleek in design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure,in nine colorsThis new ipod technology which automatically converts playlists from directory of songs in your music folder.and it is just with a single click.This new nano ipod gives to users 24 hours of music or 4 hours of video with playback .This new ipod nano features easy user interface and a high resolution portrait for playing images videos and built in accelerometer which switches to cover automatically.

This ipod is world thinnest model and best music player.The designs are very good which can attract to everyone who are willing to buy.
Features: This is very thin compared to other ipods with an elegant design that makes beautifully and blends a brilliant display with a gorgeous curved aluminum and glass enclosure.This new ipod fits comfortably in your hand.Ipod nano works with itunes so its easy to import,manage your favourite content.We can buy videos,music and games much more throught this itunes store with more than 9 million songs for the ipod nano.The ipod nano is ultra portable player and its way to enjoy your favorite TV shows,music,videos.This 16GB modle can store 16 hours of video,4000 songs or 14,000 photos but this depends upon the length of the songs.
This is the worlds famous ipod nano for families and has been sold out more than 200 millions.The new ipod nano works with 8 genius feature from itunes.It allows customers to create playlists with the ipod nano.Users can preview the songs or playlists and it automatically refreshes the list to choose different songs.This ipod price may be at $199 but you can save some money by buying on Amazon

mobile phone to webcam

This days nokia had 8 mp camera which you can use as your web camera.Since all web cameras oonly 1.3 m.p.Th higher pixel can give attractive videos or to show on cam.Many wants to use this method for yahoo MSN chat ,skype or any chat service but they dont know how to do.I will tell you in easy step by step.

First you need to install an application called Mobilola Web Camera which is available free to download for a trial version at www.mobiola.com website

This application totally converts your mobile phone as a moving phone or wireless web cam etc.you dont need to add cables or anything since this will use wifi.The above application should install in your mobile phone

next a PC driver compatible with your Windows application that can receive video feeds from a web camera.for this you need to download another software from http://www.itcity.com.kh/phonecity/ and install this in your pc or laptop.

If you need any instructions then let us know we may try to help as much as .