Buy cheap apple ipad in USA

Buying ipads online is easy but one have to look its certain features.This is a new ipad form apple which is MB292LL with 16 GB memory plus wifi enabled.At amazon you find many old items and new items so please check before buying them.
old apple

This ipad comes with 16gb memory card with 1 GHZ inside but you can increase upto 32 or 64 gb memory cards.It is designed with a4 custom system on a chip.This comes with 9.7 inches diagonal wide screen with led glossy backlit and it is multi touch display with latest technology.The resolution comes with 1024-by-768 at 132 pixels per inch with this resolution you can view websites with easily.Almost most of the websites are made at this resolution so it would be better to buy such models.

networking :
This is the most requirement for the ipads since one can surf easily internet from anywhere and this ipad can connected internet through wifi enabled or an USB option.Bluetooth comes with 2.1 EDR technology.
Details of hardware :The system platform comes with loaded software mac.The system is powered by one processor and a ram of 256 mb type pc1066.For storing data and other types this ipad has 16GB serial ATA hard drive.This ipad can be connected to many wireless or usb enable gadgets.Overall the size is 9.56 * 7.47 inches and 0.5 inches thickness.weight is approximately 1.5 pounds.Charging can be done upto 10 hours with the charger provided by company.or else buy iton amazon