Apple Introduces 16 GB ipod

Apple has introduced new fourth generation ipods one of the ipod which is 16 gb in vibrant colors and more thinnest which can be easy to place in pockets and even the weight is low compared to earlier ipods.The new generation ipon sleek in design with a curved aluminum and glass enclosure,in nine colorsThis new ipod technology which automatically converts playlists from directory of songs in your music folder.and it is just with a single click.This new nano ipod gives to users 24 hours of music or 4 hours of video with playback .This new ipod nano features easy user interface and a high resolution portrait for playing images videos and built in accelerometer which switches to cover automatically.

This ipod is world thinnest model and best music player.The designs are very good which can attract to everyone who are willing to buy.
Features: This is very thin compared to other ipods with an elegant design that makes beautifully and blends a brilliant display with a gorgeous curved aluminum and glass enclosure.This new ipod fits comfortably in your hand.Ipod nano works with itunes so its easy to import,manage your favourite content.We can buy videos,music and games much more throught this itunes store with more than 9 million songs for the ipod nano.The ipod nano is ultra portable player and its way to enjoy your favorite TV shows,music,videos.This 16GB modle can store 16 hours of video,4000 songs or 14,000 photos but this depends upon the length of the songs.
This is the worlds famous ipod nano for families and has been sold out more than 200 millions.The new ipod nano works with 8 genius feature from itunes.It allows customers to create playlists with the ipod nano.Users can preview the songs or playlists and it automatically refreshes the list to choose different songs.This ipod price may be at $199 but you can save some money by buying on Amazon