Mobile devices faithful Technology

Mobile devices faithful – Technology – our cell phones, smartphones, tablets and laptopsare radically changing our behavior. A recent investigation of Intel Corporation,mobile users feel anxious or stressed when traveling without their equipment. Worse,the tension increases, in the absence of sources of energy to recharge your terminal.Addicts, enthusiasts of new technologies, the geeks. The playoffs don’t miss. It’s a fact: the majority of the population cannot live without a connection by hand. It is obvious that should not darken the image, but according to Intel figures 44% of Americans don’t agree feel good, if you travel without mobile devices. Mobile devices faithful – Technology [Read more…]

mobile phone to webcam

This days nokia had 8 mp camera which you can use as your web camera.Since all web cameras oonly 1.3 m.p.Th higher pixel can give attractive videos or to show on cam.Many wants to use this method for yahoo MSN chat ,skype or any chat service but they dont know how to do.I will tell you in easy step by step.

First you need to install an application called Mobilola Web Camera which is available free to download for a trial version at website

This application totally converts your mobile phone as a moving phone or wireless web cam dont need to add cables or anything since this will use wifi.The above application should install in your mobile phone

next a PC driver compatible with your Windows application that can receive video feeds from a web camera.for this you need to download another software from and install this in your pc or laptop.

If you need any instructions then let us know we may try to help as much as .