Top 5 Seo Apps for managing Websites

Android and Tablets are the latest technology computers, Today anywhere on the road we see someone was using a tablet or android for browsing Internet or chatting. I still haven’t bought any tablet, but looking to buy an android for my website’s maintenance. I’ve thought to research some best application for SEO and analyzing website. I am familiar using through PC and laptop, but not from Android, Mobile or Tablets.

Some of the best Applications that were using by other people and heard good reviews from them. These are the ones we should have in our tablet or mobile if we own website. [Read more…]

VLC Player has launched for IOS in Version 2.0.1

VLC media player is the top usage by media lovers, and it is also a popular company in the world. According to the newest technology VLC had released they’re new IOS app of version 2.0.1 and the app is compatible with Ipad and Iphone devices. This new version is under GNU and open source and from the past issues VLC company had come up with both ways of open source and Mozilla public license.

VLC player for IOS
VLC player for IOS

This new Video Lan Player also works on Windows 8 and supports multi language for different countries. This app is still under development and just made the screenshots how the player works. Hope Ipad’s should be the life in the future. [Read more…]

Top 5 app for photo editing in windows 8

There are many applications in these days as software is still inventing by the technicians. Some of them are free where you can download and install on your windows 8 system. These picture modifying application operates on small techniques so you can modify images wherever you need, but they are not just like Photoshop do all the things.


fhotoroom – Source

fhotoroom is the best application for windows phone as it is an award winning software for photo editing on windows phone. They have been upgrading the application whenever it needs from the last five years. The Fhotoron not only provides similar features, as the team has made app into 150 plus resources to make high quality image. One must should set up the fhotoroom WP Applicatin in their android operating system mobile phones.

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hp tablet for sale $99

Buying HP tablets are the best option and for long life. Hp company always tends to manufacture as per the user requirement.This new Hp tablet comes with 32 GB memory with serial ATA Interface and 1GB of RAM for better speed communicating video interface. In the earlier days the memory was 16gb but here comes with more powerful tablet.
The system is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
Dual-core APQ8060 processor which can enhance full performance. The processor speeds has 1.2hertz and the internal memory is 1GB can provide more speed accuracy with this processor. Memory cannot be expandable as it had only 1 slot allotted upto 1 GB SDRAM cards with DIMM technology. Hp installed web 3.0 operating system for a better future environment and several types of supported formats to view or play

An example for documents: Hp tablet supports MS word to view any type of word documents. Doc and Docx also their is acrobat reader for PDF files, xls document for excel. This is made in Hp tablet for the user interface

This new Tablet comes with a lot of memory to store files, music, photos, videos sharing has been made simple in this tablet with other people using wifi or internet. Printing is another important thing where people loves to share their memory of photographs which can be done easily using wifi system easily connected to HP printers. Surfing Internet is made easy using this 32GB Hp tablet. It’s easy to search for anything that we need also updating the status what have to do now or later or anything begin later.
Entertainment: The tablet is very useful for music lovers who want to hear the best music wherever they go as the screen shows with brilliant colors to watch movie, read magazines and view photos online especially on facebook. An easy user interface to browse photos in facebook, search music from Internet, watch movies online using Youtube or other similar sites as it is the best site on the internet. Hp tablet comes with 3.5 mm headphone, micro jack to hear or chat through phone.HP tablet comes with 1.3 mp camera attached to it in front panel which can be used to view video chatting like in-front of you. This is most interest thing in this tablet PC feature where Hp made for those who love video calling, also using Skype. The audio is highly built with internal speakers and beats audio.
Display: The size of this new Model is 9.7 inches with backlit LED diagonal display. The resolution is XGA 1024 X 768 pixels with multitouch display. This has been made from IPS viewing angle display technology and the material used multi touch glass display with special coating for easier cleaning and abrasion resistance.

Extra things from this Hp Tablet:
HP touchstone charging dock for charging this tablet. Hp tablet case is more useful for carrying out and also comes with wireless keyboard. There is an internal power charger too which can charge tablet. A cleaning cloth also provided to clean touch pad, micro USB cable for connecting web 2.0 enabled device. A user guide for getting and running this tablet with detailed information provided in the book.

The weight of this tablet is 1.6lbs only with a height of 9.45 inches and 7.48 inches of width. Overall the package comes with 3 lbs of weight with all of the items in the box.

Warranty: One year warranty service from the worldwide service centres. 90 days toll free support for setup and software. The support is always connected with 24*7 days.

HP Slate 500 Touchpad Tablet

Tablet Pcs are growing like real tablets in market. Hp’s company products are always worth than other product companies. The new HP slate 500 is more convenient for professionals who usually travel and easier friendly for windows platform.

For browsing documents use your own fingers just like Touchpad, but it works more on HP slate multi touch display. Typing would be harder to some people, but one can write with a pen on your HP slate 500 Touchpad for writing emails, notes withe ease method. This is easy to carry while going to shopping malls or from meeting to another meeting without interruption to your chatting. Playing videos and stream video from the web its much easier to show someone from the web on this HP slate 500. There are two cameras for this slate 500 tablet Pc one can be able to use this camera as VGA conference system, and still take shots from the 3 megapixel camera. Charging can be done to this tablet PC to gain even more ways to connect accessories. Use Bluetooth to connect headsets, mics, mouse, printers. This slate 500 was built USB 2.0 enabled connections.

Specifications: Operating system comes with genuine windows 7 professional 32 bit system.

Processor which has more high performance and comes with (1.86 GHz, 512 KB L2 cache, 533 MHz FSB) powered by INTEL Atom processor Z540. It has been operated with Intel chipset controller hub US 15W. The memory comes with 2 GB 800 MHz DDR2 SDRAM and this is maximum memory cannot be upgradable never.

The Internal Hard drive comes with 64 GB as light weighted tablet PC. If you need more space, then you have to use external hard drives by using USB enabled hard drive or CD drive. The dimension of display is 8.9 inches wide viewing angle touchscreen, Thus picture can be accelerated from Intel Graphics media card 500

Connecting Devices:USB 2.0 enabled support, Integrated 3 MP Camera, Power connector, Hp slate Digital pen, integrated with high definition audio and video comes with speakers attached.

power supply:For recharging use 30watts power supply which comes from HP. The battery is 2-cell (30 WHr) polymer comes for 5 hours approximately once it charged. It operates at a temperature of 50 to 95°F (10 to 35°C). The dimension of this slate 500 is 9.21 width x 0.58 x 5.91 height and the weight is nearly kilogram. Overall this Slate comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.