hp tablet for sale $99

Buying HP tablets are the best option and for long life. Hp company always tends to manufacture as per the user requirement.This new Hp tablet comes with 32 GB memory with serial ATA Interface and 1GB of RAM for better speed communicating video interface. In the earlier days the memory was 16gb but here comes with more powerful tablet.
The system is powered by 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon
Dual-core APQ8060 processor which can enhance full performance. The processor speeds has 1.2hertz and the internal memory is 1GB can provide more speed accuracy with this processor. Memory cannot be expandable as it had only 1 slot allotted upto 1 GB SDRAM cards with DIMM technology. Hp installed web 3.0 operating system for a better future environment and several types of supported formats to view or play

An example for documents: Hp tablet supports MS word to view any type of word documents. Doc and Docx also their is acrobat reader for PDF files, xls document for excel. This is made in Hp tablet for the user interface

This new Tablet comes with a lot of memory to store files, music, photos, videos sharing has been made simple in this tablet with other people using wifi or internet. Printing is another important thing where people loves to share their memory of photographs which can be done easily using wifi system easily connected to HP printers. Surfing Internet is made easy using this 32GB Hp tablet. It’s easy to search for anything that we need also updating the status what have to do now or later or anything begin later.
Entertainment: The tablet is very useful for music lovers who want to hear the best music wherever they go as the screen shows with brilliant colors to watch movie, read magazines and view photos online especially on facebook. An easy user interface to browse photos in facebook, search music from Internet, watch movies online using Youtube or other similar sites as it is the best site on the internet. Hp tablet comes with 3.5 mm headphone, micro jack to hear or chat through phone.HP tablet comes with 1.3 mp camera attached to it in front panel which can be used to view video chatting like in-front of you. This is most interest thing in this tablet PC feature where Hp made for those who love video calling, also using Skype. The audio is highly built with internal speakers and beats audio.
Display: The size of this new Model is 9.7 inches with backlit LED diagonal display. The resolution is XGA 1024 X 768 pixels with multitouch display. This has been made from IPS viewing angle display technology and the material used multi touch glass display with special coating for easier cleaning and abrasion resistance.

Extra things from this Hp Tablet:
HP touchstone charging dock for charging this tablet. Hp tablet case is more useful for carrying out and also comes with wireless keyboard. There is an internal power charger too which can charge tablet. A cleaning cloth also provided to clean touch pad, micro USB cable for connecting web 2.0 enabled device. A user guide for getting and running this tablet with detailed information provided in the book.

The weight of this tablet is 1.6lbs only with a height of 9.45 inches and 7.48 inches of width. Overall the package comes with 3 lbs of weight with all of the items in the box.

Warranty: One year warranty service from the worldwide service centres. 90 days toll free support for setup and software. The support is always connected with 24*7 days.


  1. Zachary Hwang says:

    I have been thinking about buying a new computer for a while but I literally feel lost with all the different makes and models to choose from at least I was until I stumbled across your post which really helped me understand what I should and shoudn’t be looking for when out shopping