Top 5 solar chargers for Mobiles

These are some solar chargers, which we can use easily by carrying to them anywhere around the world. The solar chargers will help in many ways for our mobiles and applications which we are using daily. If you are using more time electronic gadgets, then you must read this article and find your best suitable solar charger for your lifetime.

1. Solar powered battery backup with charger for Ipods and mobiles

Solar Backup Power

Solar Backup Power – Source

This is one of my favorite charger which I carry when traveling, the charger provides continuously charging for ipods, mobiles. If it is night, then you can get power from the backup battery, so there is no interrupt for you at any time.

The charger comes with USB 2.0 and it can be attached to any devices that are built to use USB hooks or else get a hook for your device, which are available in markets or check our store. The charger comes with internal battery of 1500 MAH made from lithium, thus this battery provides just like backup for any mobile devices that are suitable.


2. Folding Panel Solar charger

Solar folding charger

Solar folding charger – Source

This is the same as the above described, but we are able to fold the charger and keep in purse or pocket. It is easier to carry just like a mobile. This charger not includes batteries so you have to buy them. This is a one, two, etc.”>6 Volt charger 200ma where we can four cells of AAA type to charge those batteries. These charger had a diode (zener) which will prevent flowing power back in the night.

3. Fast solar charger for iphone Scharger-12

High power with Fast charger

High power with Fast charger – Source

This is high cost Solar charger, but it is better than the low cost chargers, compared to them is this charger can charge very fast even at cloudy days. The charger works for so many devices that are USB enabled. If not buy a hook that will connect to your mobile, Iphone, Ipod, etc. This charger keeps safe to your ipod battery to long life duration unlike low cost chargers will destroy the life-cycle of batteries. The product is very reliable and useful for various purposes charging. This S charger-12 contains 2 usb ports and it also gives more power to charge the batteries while other chargers were failing to provide high power in less time.

4. Solar Panel USB Charger

This charger is very small like mini ipod and it comes with USB and a hook wire to connect devices, if your phone hook does not match, then buy a new one from your nearest store. It also comes with USB port for connecting other devices. There is a LED which displays the power in the battery and how much it requires to charge the battery into full.


Solar usb charger

Solar usb charger – Source


5. Multi-function Solar battery charger

This is very cheap and comes with many hooks in order to connect any mobile phone, ipods. The solar panel is in blue color, which shows very nice, compared to other cheap solar chargers for Iphone or mobiles

2600 mah solar charger

2600 mah solar charger – Source



  1. Is there any chance of you posting the code used in your final circuit? While I’ve written a few small blinken lights programs, I don’t have any experience using the ADC, PWM outputs, or interrupts. At best I’ve just manually altered duty cycles on regular outputs to fade LEDs. Examples of this in action would be excellent.Thanks.

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