windows 8 compatibility check

Microsoft has releasing Windows 8 soon with more changes including Microsoft office for user-friendly. Most of the old hardware systems doesn’t compatible as we know newest edition software needs newest hardware, for this reason Microsoft company provided a program to scan your PC or Laptop whether it is compatible or not.

If you are running presently Windows 7, then you are able to run Windows 8, but scan your PC or Laptop with Microsoft software. Microsoft company has been trying windows 7 devices and programs should compatible with windows 8 since it would be difficult for others using those lovely programs. This is still under process so don’t be hurry because your programs should work with windows 8 too or else you need to reinstall the previous version.

Windows 8 minimum Hardware requirements are as follows  Processor 1 GHZ with Intel Pentium pro series and later versions.   Ram 1 GB minimum requirement, Directx 9 or higher enhanced graphics needed. This overall features show it specially designed for newly built laptops and personal computers.
For Tablets

The most important thing to check for Tablets is graphics card because Tablets are built for entertainment, minimum Directx 10 required for tablets while Computers it is 9. See the difference how windows 8 has built for Tablets. Capacity would be 10 GB minimum requirement, I would suggest to you buy newest tablet which should be the latest in technology. Tablets need at-least 720p camera to work with windows 8.

Moreover this Windows 8 was built with nice features shortcuts, easy, fast computing.

There are more changes and improvements from windows 7 for the user requirements. You will certainly feel a lot better from previous windows versions.

Imporved features in Windows 8

Windows 8 start very fast through UEF integration and Hybrid boot mode.

Windows 8

Windows 8 – Source

Some problems that concern us has been removed from windows 8. This supports with USB 3 enabled devices, windows explorer is renamed as file explorer, and at the command bar there is also ribbon.

Task manager has been newly designed which displays fewer or more running programs with detail information. This will help looking in the CPU performance and hidden running programs which we don’t understand. The level of using CPU resources are purely shown in multiple colors.


In windows 8 there are two new methods tailored for protection of images with pin and passwords. Windows Defender protects from the viruses and Malware. The system is better for parents to know the behaviour of children and their activities using the computer

Windows media player cannot play DVD’s in windows 8 version due to the cost of licensing software. In windows 8 Pro pack supports DvDplay back, Windows 8 supports even third party software to run DVD playback software.