Sd Memory card asking to format

Today my memory card was having problem to open files and it is asking always to format Memory Card. I tried to recover files, and their is no solution to do. I also searched a lot on the net for this solution, and unable to find anything, some people posted on blogs, forums to use recover software, but they are all waste because it should be damaged. For my memory card problems these are damaged already that’s why I lost the data.

Before throwing a memory card please check these things.

Test the memory card in windows 7, 8 or mac system,

Try a data recovery software to recover the files from that dead-ed SD memory card to your computer. This should make a backup data from your memory card to computer and then you should format your card through the formatting method.

If you don’t have data recovery software, then try a search in Google or Bing to get good software.

Second method to see either memory card is dead or not.

This works on Windows 7 or Vista.

1) Double click on my Computer and open it.

2) Right-click on the SD memory Card icon and select Properties.

3) Click on the Tools button

4) Under Error-checking click the Check Now button.

5) Beneath Check disk options. select Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

6) At the end Click Start

Remember if you used the memory card on windows 7 system then it won’t works on windows XP or older windows systems.


  1. minotechonline says:

    Some interesting tips and tricks about memory cards here. I didn’t know that you cannot use the memory card across various Operating Systems… so that’s something to look out for definitely. Luckily I have never had a sd card malfunction on me.

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