How to make a calendar in coreldraw

Best method to create calender in CorelDRAW.
CorelDRAW is one of top software for drawing designs and this is more powerful software for even designing calendar. I will show to how To make a Calendar in CorelDRAW. This will work in any versions of CorelDRAW.
Let’s start the program.

Once you opened the corelDRAW, Select Tools -> Visual Basic -> Play. From the Dialog box under macros in select Calendar wizard and click run button.

After running the Calendar wizard you will see another dialog box similar to the below image.

From the listed dialog box you can pick up the year at the top left side, then check down the month you want to create. See there is language box where corelDRAW can convert calendar in multiple languages. After selecting the language, then move for the week to be started. By default the week starts from Sunday and make it to your desired day to be start, ex Monday, Tuesday, etc. Click on the Holidays Tab so you can show holidays in calendar. Once you clicked it will bring Calendar dialog box, which is shown above right side image.
The best thing is Calendars won’t come with preloaded holidays as they always change every year. So you will have to pick up holidays by your own. You can see I have picked up some holidays in red, which is on 26th.

The next tip is making Calendar layout to meet the requirement of page to be printed either you can use all months in one page or one month per page. With this two major options you can do more with the layout. If you are unsure how the layout looks, then just select it and preview will be shown exactly what can be created after done.
There are three tabs below the layout. The First one tab is default, which is Page layout since the calendar can be created according to the current page layout. By Unchecking the checkbox “Create Calendar in Current Document”, you can enter page size width that you want. It will create according to your measurements. At the right side box you can use to make margins, borders.

If you need more to adjust click large header tab so you can adjusts more settings like changing font size, color, background, position, border much more. Default days are always the color would be red. Most Calendars have default red color for Sundays, but if you want to change then you can for any color you like.

Final tab is the large body, Which has even more settings than the previous tabs. These tabs are mad according to their behaviour. First box is the orientation of calendar, then color, font and so on. There will be two circles checkbox as these are used to recognize for white and black circles.

Under Highlights one can choose the day we need to celebrate and Highlight. Default Highlight is always in red color.

Let If you want to move back to the page layout tab, then there is final setting so you can save the formatting style. Once all the styles are created they will appear under the drop down list then you can select the one that you need. In the last press the generate button at the top of dialog box and the calendar will be created automatically. You can view the video which was taken by me.

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