This is a program where it says that they would pay per sms and complete to offers.I had joined recently and wasted my time with this program because they dont credit to shine offers and we need to refer more people etc
when we join we can see only two offers one is shine and the other is to refer friends family etc.We may think that doing shine offer will get some money but this youmint doesnt credit even after months so its a waste of time
I also contated them and they said i need to refer in order to credit for shine offer if this so then why this people making fool to us ?


  1. Sameer Dubey says:


    Why dont you talk to support at . I am sure they would be able to help you.

  2. I have contacted them and they said i need to refer friends to get credit for shine offer.I made a mistake by joining that site

  3. Imitioupt says:

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  6. Since it is a scam site so waste of time chatting with them.