How to Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile (solved)

Whatsapp Profile
Whatsapp Profile

We as a whole are intrigued to discover who is seeing our profile covertly by keeping an eye on us? Do you think whatsapp will offer such things and we even know Facebook has expelled such thing years back from FB.

I have looked through a ton on this how to realize who saw my whatsapp profile picture, yet couldn’t come up atleast with an answer. There are a few applications where they said it can show the watchers by introducing their application, however this is thoroughly phony thing.

There is an application called Who viewed my whatsapp profile, however it is phony and you can’t have the option to see or neither whatsapp owners made such kind of profile viewing.

In Facebook there was the point at which they propelled, yet later evacuated it, anyway this element never occur in Whatsapp.

You can use some of the tricks to findout if someone is following, tracing your Whatsapp Profile.

Block all of your friends in your whatsapp list.

Now get a free tracking link or create it by yourself and write that link on your photo

Upload that created photo to your whatsapp profile picture.

Make sure the link should be always shorter and unique because people can type easily to see more photos of yours.

An Example :-

Create like this with your name or similar

in that blog just add the tracking code of statcounter or any such type so you can easily count and view who is behind you?

Now add some photos of your own in that blog and place some text to look as it was genuine.

Now write on your any good looking photo or create an avatar like this and upload it your Whatsapp profile picture.

Everyday check the blog stats or use recent visitors code on your blog too so it can show everything.

Hope you understood what I mean, but just watch the video that made for you all.

The best way is use Whatsapp business app and add a link in your profile.

Add some photos daily with links to your Whatsapp business account.

Always track those links who clicked it and check the IP address, etc to findout.

In the last line you are unable to find a real person even police can’t trace this thing because Whatsapp never implemented such type.

Don’t download any Applications as they all belongs to scams.

Don’t fill forms or surveys to find the information because it is almost fake and they are looking to make fool to you.

Wrevealer is an IOS.

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