How to make a calendar in excel

I have described in the last two posts Word and CorelDRAW, now How to make a calendar in excel as well. In this excel it’s better than corelDRAW or word. It is good to store all information excel and add items for the appointment also easier to find next appointment or holidays, so I suggest to you if you are using within your computer, then choose excel for making calendar.

Follow my steps to make a calendar today in excel.

Step 1 Open excel [Read more…]

How to make a calendar in coreldraw

Best method to create calender in CorelDRAW.
CorelDRAW is one of top software for drawing designs and this is more powerful software for even designing calendar. I will show to how To make a Calendar in CorelDRAW. This will work in any versions of CorelDRAW.
Let’s start the program.

Once you opened the corelDRAW, Select Tools -> Visual Basic -> Play. From the Dialog box under macros in select Calendar wizard and click run button. [Read more…]