How to get 15 GB of free storage from OneDrive Instantly

Microsoft is offering one drive or Skydrive an online hosting service for worldwide users. When we signup for this service we will get 15 GB storage in the beginning, but we can increase it by using other options to store upto 30GB.

One Drive

One Drive

1. Signup for Onedrive with Microsoft if you don’t have any with them.

2. Install Onedrive application from Google play store or use this link.

Make sure you have Windows 7, 8 else it won’t work on other past versions of windows.

3. Install the App on your mobile and sign into your account.

4. Now you had the space of 15GB however you will get 15gb more when the offer comes.

The offer for 30Gb has ended in September therefore I suggest you all check the offers later on Microsoft site if they will provide again.

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