Drupal Views Plugin Argument Error

I’ve had a couple of Websites on Drupal CMS from long ago and still loves to use Drupal than WordPress as it was my favorite CMS. When I was new Internet started to use Drupal for Social Networking website and it went successful, but their wasn’t more modules to move on. I use Drigg on my Social bookmarking website that is USA News and works perfectly, but haven’t built perfectly.

I also use Drupal for a blog platform for this Drip Irrigation website and that showed me plenty of interest to proceed also built a store too with Ubercart. There are more things that we are able to do with Drupal as I played with them few years back before went offline for some reason.

Now coming to the point I was running blog on Drupal 6 and upgraded to Drupal 7. but at this stage Views module started to give problem, please see the screen shot below. 

Error of Views Block

Error of Views Block

I have searched numerous times in Google and Drupal, but can’t find the right answer easily and have to read more topics on this question. My answer is for troubleshooting this disable all blocks and then re enable each block.

You should refresh home page once each block is enable or disabled to find the right block that giving problems. My problem got fixed within a minute by disabling block that was using an argument. I mean the recent posts from the same author as it was available in Drupal 6, but not in Drupal 7.

My best suggestion is never upgrade immediately, or never think that you will get resolved from any problems that you face after upgrading. Drupal 7 wasn’t built with all modules that are available in Drupal 6, this is the mean reason for not recommending upgrade.

Please check the modules that are built for Drupal 7 or else you were unable to use such features that you are using on Drupal 6.

If you have any solutions or questions please post them in comment box, I should love to hear from you. I can help assuming that knows the answer.

Playing with Drupal CMS should be always fun and enjoyment as we are able to display whatever and wherever the content we want. Hope you enjoy using Drupal CMS too.

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