Drupal Views Plugin Argument Error

I’ve had a couple of Websites on Drupal CMS from long ago and still loves to use Drupal than WordPress as it was my favorite CMS. When I was new Internet started to use Drupal for Social Networking website and it went successful, but their wasn’t more modules to move on. I use Drigg on my Social bookmarking website that is USA News and works perfectly, but haven’t built perfectly.

I also use Drupal for a blog platform for this Drip Irrigation website and that showed me plenty of interest to proceed also built a store too with Ubercart. There are more things that we are able to do with Drupal as I played with them few years back before went offline for some reason.

Now coming to the point I was running blog on Drupal 6 and upgraded to Drupal 7. but at this stage Views module started to give problem, please see the screen shot below.  [Read more…]